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+introductions by against-stars
something of a sequel to anders meeting hawke -- carver meeting amell!

for a horrifying moment carver is genuinely convinced that his sister somehow actually managed to beat him to the wardens, because of course she would.

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+handfast by against-stars
a post-epilogue wedding mod put my alistair-romancing amell in a really ugly wedding dress; i was so appalled by it that i couldn't really enjoy the actual ceremony scene. at the request of a friend, i drew what i would have rather had myself lmao

high collars and long gloves for the blood mage covered in scars lol

the white ribbon on her wrist is a circle headcanon of mine –

a circle mage "wedding" could easily consist of a pair (or, you know, more) of mages looping a length of ribbon or some robe trim around each others wrists and swearing their own vows to one another, then cutting the length in however many appropriate pieces, with each partner wearing it tied around their wrist as a wedding "band." signifies to their mage peers that they are committed, but doesn't necessarily call attention from templars.

for her wedding, she and alistair have a symbolic handfasting – obviously she doesn't have to rely on "special dispensation" from circle authorities to allow her marriage, since she's a warden, so she could easily just have a regular chantry-officiated wedding – but those are, in all honesty, pretty meaningless to her. the circle-style ceremony is what matters.

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+like fire by against-stars
+like fire
the sun caught in her raven hair is blazing in me out of all control...

well i've mentioned like a billion times how much this damn song reminds me of cullen's crush on the mage warden, so, naturally, i got this stuck in my head and needed to get it out. for the most part i really just wanted to experiment with backlighting.
this concept as a "ship" actually makes me uncomfortable lol!!!! leave her alone cullen she barely knows you exist

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+making friends III by against-stars
+making friends III
more like baby cousland falling immediately head over heels in gay baby love at first sight tbh!!!!!!!!!

i didn't expect to turn this into a series so idk if i'll do more after this, i just really wanted to draw my little baby lesbian meeting her soulmate lmao

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