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among the wide array of inconsequential AUs i have is a modern AU where amell and surana run away to orlais together for generic “escape family disapproval” reasons or something. the important part is the obnoxious hipster-esque indie roadtrip aesthetic.

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Alistair: So let me ask you something. What are your intentions with her?
Zevran: You speak of her as if she is not present. She is just right over there, you know.
Alistair: Don’t dodge the question. I’m serious.
Zevran: Is this brotherly concern I detect? Or something else? Perhaps you are concerned for me, yes?
Alistair: I am just asking what your intentions are. You did try to kill us all, remember?
Zevran: And now I owe her a blood debt, as she has spared my life. It has brought us… closer together.
Alistair: Is that a smirk? Are you smirking at me?
Zevran: I assure you, ser, that I am not smirking. No smirking here, no.
Alistair: Well, just… watch yourself, then. I’ll be keeping an eye on you.

yes HELLO i am here to gush endlessly over how zevran is explicitly and absolutely down for commitment and domesticity once you work him past his fear of vulnerability. zevran isn't a playboy. zevran is 100% devoted. i love zevran.

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tabris likes to dance around the vhenadahl sometimes, when the whim takes her

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